Inspired By "SIR AREA63" The Area was established in 2002  by Michael Anthony Gonzalez at Age 14, who was the 95.1 FM Industrial Pirate DJ and Sole Broadcaster across South Houston, Pasadena, Deer Park, and Baytown.


Located in the Heart of University Of Houston and the 2nd & 3rd Ward District. In collaboration with the The Pirated Brother Station 95.7 FM in a Retransmission Across Southeast Texas. Michael Anthony was able to receive feedback from across the broadcast area reaching thousands of listeners.


The Area lived thru several FCC Shutdowns and broadcast Fines, which resulted in equipment seized and Broadcasting for 1yr. Only too emerged four months later with a vengeance with 1mBand 100W Amp Broadcasting Once again over a radius of 100miles only under new name Mas3er6; A63


Over the past Decade A63; have been broadcasting across several global regions, in ever-evolving technology, hacking its way onto the online platform scene in 2009.


In 2014 A63 Secured and Purchased SIRS AREA63 The Pinnacle for Michael Anthony enabling the reach of hundreds and thousands of listeners. In 2021, it is no different, enabling to secure 1000 endpoints, Music Content, Private CDN, and Business Partners; A63 became the broadest Electronic uncensored Station.

A63 is an Electronic music-oriented online Broadcast, Area63; A63 participates in securing Private Vonyc Session with various recordings labels in selected geographical regions distributing and remixing emerging music content. uniquely, Broadcasting in countries largest online electronic club platforms.


The sounds of Forty-Three Genres With Access to Nine-Millions tracks and Rare Recordings, A63 Provides High Energy Electronic remixes and extended unreleased content from artists worldwide.